Canvas Tents

With Over 20 years of experience in tent making and canvas, we have got you covered.

he tent may be regarded in many parts of the world simply as a camping accessory, but in Africa it has a history of its own. Evolving from the days of the early explorers and big game hunters, tents provide luxury accommodation for adventurers wishing to recapture the spirit of a bygone age or experience the new concept of ‘glamping’. Tents have also become temporary – and sometimes – permanent homes for those people whose jobs or lifestyles keep them in wilderness areas. With our passion for making revolutionary tents, we also offer on site consultation and installation. Seren Canvas offers attention to detail from inception through to completion of your project.Our canvas tents are environmentally friendly, with eco facilities reducing negative impacts on the environment.

Accommodation Tents

Experience the great outdoors under the comfort of canvas We create distinctive canvas tent designs that will enhance your client’s experience. Our team will help you design an impressive setting that meets ‘glamping’ and international luxury standards.Using the flexibility of canvas you can create: Spacious and luxurious rooms that boast authentic safari decor Verandas that will offer striking views of the surroundings Contemporary and classy bathrooms designed using safari accessories.

Dining and lounge Tents

Fusing chic canvas flair with nature Create spacious, impressive lounge areas with scenic views or fashion up intimate, exclusive dinner settings under canvas. Our portfolio is extensive, taking in various architectural styles and enhancing your surrounding ambience. We can provide a natural, airy feel with an open plan dining area Design comfortable bar and lounge areas that can be conveniently sectioned off for privacy.

Back of house Tents

Skillful, practical and imaginative use of space East African Canvas also creates a range of functional units to accommodate practical needs such as kitchen, stores and offices. We can also assist you to set up administrative offices in a private section of your property for management staff. Using more practical materials and construction methods, we can help design cost effective tents to suit all your needs.

Bespoke Tents 

Customized designs architecturally created to fit your needs Depending on your specifications, we are able to find canvas solutions that work with your surroundings. We can offer site visits which help us create your bespoke designs or work with your existing structures. We can also offer you ideas on how to capitalize on your space as well as advising you on tent maintenance EACC specializes in on-site fabrication and installation should this be required for your site.