Seren Canvas East Africa

The leading Multinational Tent Manufacturing Company.

What makes us Seren Canvas?

Seren has been in business or over 20 years now in Arusha, the founders and directors are veteran tent design and stitching experts having worked for many decades with some of the leading Multinational Tent Manufacturing Companies in the region. Seren has the objective of expanding henceforth into commercial sophisticated tents lines that provides quality and offering unmatched customer service. Our entry into the market is to signify new ways of doing business in the tent industry. Below are some of the areas we think makes us Unique in this vibrant tourism market and robust upcoming events industry in the country.

Custom made

All our tents are made-to-order which means you can pretty chose your finishings and tent designs- Just like ordering personalized school uniform to your child; if you want a sectional green , 20 x 40 frame tents with stainless steel hardware, we can make it for you. Normally custom made tent carries with it a price premium. However at Seren Canvas, it allows us to keep our inventory carrying costs down and our supply chain extremely lean, we can actually offer our tents at a lower price than our competition. While this means our lead times are typically a few weeks- we have a buffer in our manufacturing process to fit in last minute orders and can typically turn around a rush order (last minute orders or if you get tents destroyed due to bad weather) in time for you to have a new tent and save embarrassments with your clients or event, so you don’t lose a job.

There is no project too big or small for us, we have all your canvas needs covered. Call/WhatsApp us on TZ +255 756 525 700 KE +254 797240593 or visit our website:

Posted by Seren Canvas East Africa on Friday, November 29, 2019

Arusha – Tanzania made

This means we are supporting our local economy and workforce which is very important to us. For our customers, it means we don’t need to make orders elsewhere to satisfy you, it means your tents are a few days away from you if you need something last minute, we prefer to call it Reliability and Efficiency.

We want to be your partner

We think a successful partnership is built upon mutual beneficial relationship, As such we are always looking for ways to help our customer for growing their businesses in terms of expertise advise and reasonable price points to pay off your tents in phases, hence giving our customer a breather to plan accordingly

Our USP (Unique Selling Point)

As a young, innovative & growing company, we strive to continually reinvent our staff and services to adapt to the ever changing market and their needs in order to achieve customer satisfaction and retention. We are competitively priced and have no hidden costs. We are flexible on short & long term contracts. Consistency is our key focus in our service. Our delivery is fast & efficient with effective products. Our service and staff are honest and professional industry veterans.